Long before the first cities rose up in Mesopotamia and long before we ever built walls we painted on walls. This helps us to understand the significance of arts cultural anthropology.


The history of Art is the history of portraiture. A few gifted Homo sapiens developed the eye hand communion to chronicle their life and their world. Later these gifted individuals were sought after to create images of the gods and the aristocracy who thought they were also gods.


When the Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire there was an even greater need for gifted artists. The church sought and developed those who God had gifted and put them to work creating images in every media of God, saints, angels, and all the entities of heaven and Earth.


Since the church needed the help of the aristocracy and while the aristocracy no longer considered themselves gods they still had the power of gods. They too wanted to be immortalized in painting and sculpture.


This website will showcase portrait artists. These artists will also be featured in a new television series called Portraiture.